• Marianna Romero Palacián

    Marianna Romero Palacián

  • Bee Koroknai

    Bee Koroknai

  • Isa Verkes

    Isa Verkes

    Sustainability & Investing

  • Gisele Waters, Ph.D.

    Gisele Waters, Ph.D.

    Bold, edgy, spicey, full-bodied with a hint of sugar. Human and machine behaviorist leveraging educational psychology to augment mind and machine.

  • Beat Meyer

    Beat Meyer

  • Shea Brown

    Shea Brown

    | Founder & CEO of BABL AI | Data Scientist | Associate Professor of Instruction in Astrophysics at the University of Iowa | www.babl.ai

  • Sophie Taysom

    Sophie Taysom

    Passionate about health and the built environment, and ESG done well!

  • Marc Thibodeau

    Marc Thibodeau

    I know a thing or two about tech start-ups, inbound marketing, front-end design & blockchain tech. Tweet me @marcthibs

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